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Web seminar with Pierre Merckle

Unveiling the Cultural Tapestry of French Teenagers: Insights from Pierre Mercklé's Research

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Pierre Merckle via Pacte

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Exploring the intricate web of cultural habits among teenagers has been a relatively understudied realm. Pierre Merckle, a distinguished researcher from the University of Grenoble, delves into this enigma through his influential work in the book L´enfance des loisirs [Children's leisure activities]. Co-authored with Sylvie Octobre, Christine Détrez, and Nathalie Berthomier in 2010, this classic panel study traces the evolving cultural practices of French children as they navigate through adolescence.

In a recent webinar, Pierre Mercklé shed light on his extensive research regarding the cultural participation of French teenagers. He expounded upon the contents of L´enfance des loisirs, emphasizing its significance as a comprehensive exploration of how the cultural engagement of French youth transforms over time. Mercklé further discussed his subsequent works on this topic, offering valuable insights into the evolution of youth cultural practices.

Mercklé's research not only unveils the dynamic panorama of French teenagers' cultural habits but also critically assesses the relevance and limitations of Pierre Bourdieu's seminal work, La Distinction (1979). By bridging the gap between historical analysis and contemporary youth cultural dynamics, Mercklé's contributions pave the way for a nuanced understanding of cultural evolution among the younger generation.