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CISMAC Annual Report 2019 – worth a read!

CISMAC has prepared its Annual Report for 2019. Highlighting the year’s activity at the Centre for Research Excellence, the report also begins to consider future directions for the Centre, after the end of the 10-year funding period.

CISMAC Annual Report 2019

Main content

There is much worth reading in CISMAC’s Annual Report for 2019.

  • One 2019 highlight was the publication of findings from the first intervention trial initiated by CISMAC – community Kangaroo Mother Care (India).
  • Two CISMAC-supported randomized controlled trials were completed in 2019: eRegistry (Palestine) and NEOSUPRA (Uganda).
  • The original CISMAC studies continue to generate sub-studies that provide opportunities for up and coming young researchers. A number are presented in the 2019 report.
  • Another highlight in the 2019 report is an Opinion Piece by Svein Bæra, Policy Director for Research, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Bæra writes of the ultimate goal of health science research – impact.
  • Finally, the report highlighted some aspects of the process of building for the future of CISMAC research.

Enjoy! Read the report.