CISMAC Annual Report

CISMAC Annual Report 2020 is out

With the pandemic hitting the world in March 2020, we have put a rather different and challenging year behind us, but with our dedicated staff working relentlessly, CISMAC’s activities have powered through.

Annual report CISMAC 2020

Main content

In this year’s Annual Report, we have put our excellent team of researchers focusing on early child development on center stage. Furthermore we have a look at topics including, important publications, the CISMAC/CIH webinar series, and the exciting steps we are taking towards the new Development Learning Lab in collaboration with CMI and NHH.

We also, naturally, have a closer look at the pandemic and its effects: How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected maternal and child health worldwide? We also examined the challenge from the fact that CISMAC’s research activity takes place in many different countries across the globe, how has this been affected by the pandemic?

Check it out: the Annual Report for 2020 is certainly worth a read.