dCod 1.0: Decoding the systems toxicology of Atlantic cod

Catching cod in the Oslo fjord

Several partners of the dCod 1.0 project participated in field studies in the Oslo fjord. The aim of the expedition was to study the pollution levels of cod in this popular area. For two of the four days they were joined by ecology students and teachers from the University of Oslo.

Trawling for fish in the Oslo fjord at sunset
Working long hours. Prof. Ketil Hylland (University of Oslo) is preparing a new trawl in the setting winter sun.
Karina Dale

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Monday 21st of November, colleagues from UiO, UiB and NMBU working on the dCod 1.0-project met at Lysaker Brygge outside of Oslo. Representing the project was prof. Ketil Hylland and post.doc Zhanna Tairova (UiO), PhD students Siri Goksøyr, Libe Aranguren and Karina Dale (UiB) and finally post.doc Mette Müller and prof. Ian Mayer from NMBU.  

Here we accommodated the research vessel “Trygve Braarud” and prepared for a 4-day expedition in the Oslofjord. A trawl was utilized to capture fish from the bottom of the sea, and we trawled for two days in the outer Oslofjord and two days in the inner Oslofjord. in addition to blood sampling, different organs were dissected from the fish to measure the levels and effects of pollutants in cod. In total, 40-50 fish were samples per area. Two of the days, students and teaching assistants in an ecotoxicology course (UiO) joined the expedition, working with other fish and samples.

The days were long and hard, but provided a very social and cooperative environment.