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Goldschmidt session

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Keynote: Christopher German (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

Increasing access to previously difficult-to-reach polar areas has led to growing insights into the diverse microbial ecosystems of the Arctic and Antarctic seafloor and their importance in global biogeochemical element cycles. In addition, recent discoveries of hydrothermal vent fields on spreading ridges in the Arctic and Southern Ocean have expanded the diversity of environments where key geobiological interactions can occur from the near-freezing sediments to high-temperature metal-rich hot springs. Characterizing and understanding interactions between life and the physical Earth in these settings is particularly important to assess effects of climate change, oil exploration and deep sea mining on biogeochemical cycles in such highly sensitive environments. This session aims to explore recent advances made in the field of Arctic and Antarctic deep-ocean and seafloor geobiology. We therefore invite contributions from multi-disciplinary (biogeochemistry, geomicrobiology, geology) studies of geological-biological interactions in high-latitude deep-sea environments, including seafloor sediments, hydrothermal vent systems and methane seeps.

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Deadline for submitting: April 1st!