Centre for Deep Sea Research

Opening of the University Museum

The newly renovated University Museum opened on October 14. A brand new exhibition of the deep sea is among the highlights.

Dyphavsutstillingen på Universitetsmuseet
The new deep sea exhibition offers its visitors a unique glimpse into a foreign world.
Anders Bjerga.

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After six years of renovation and renewal, the University Museum has finally re-opened for the public. The K.G. Jebsen Centre has been responsible for creating a new exhibition that features deep sea research.

The deep sea exhibition is divided into three zones with separate themes. The first zone takes a historical approach to deep sea research, going all the way back to the earliest maps of the ocean and the more recent discovery of mid-ocean ridges and deep sea life. In the centre of the exhibition, visitors get to experience the atmosphere of the deep ocean. Here, we display some of the geological samples that have been collected by the centre over the years, and we explore the microbial life of the mid-ocean ridge. A projection of the deep sea is displayed on a 20 meter long wall, featuring hot springs, volcanoes and unique life forms. The final zone shows modern technology used for deep sea exploration. Here, visitors get the chance to see a real autonomous underwater vehicle and experience live streaming from the Lofoten – Vesterålen Ocean Observatory.