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New PhD Candidate: Marie Eide Lien

The Jebsen Centre has a new PhD candidate starting today!

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We are happy to welcome Marie Eide Lien back at GEO! Marie acquired her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at UiB, worked on her geophysics MSc project titled “Analysis of Magma Chamber Activity at Yellowstone from 2010 to 2017”, and graduated in 2017. She then left Bergen to obtain a degree in pedagogy/teaching at the University of Oslo and worked as a teacher, before moving back to Bergen and interning at Equinor in petroleum technology.

Today, she started her 4-year PhD project with Thibaut Barreyre as her supervisor, and she will work with sub-surface fluid flow dynamics in hydrothermal systems. The project’s aim is to unravel the complex mechanisms that affect fluid flow in the sub-surface of these systems through observation, data analysis, and modelling.

Welcome, Marie!