Department of Clinical Dentistry

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Contact information for administration and technical staff at the department. 

Signe Solberg - head of administration

Marit Stubdal - executive officer, managment support
Cecilie Fonnes Hjelmtveit - apprentice
Mildrid Beate Vevelstad - hygiene nurse


Karen Lovise Valsø Brinch - senior executive officer

Christine E. Kronenberger - senior executive officer

Sissel Vågenes Urdal - higher executive officer

Ragnhild Furuberg - higher executive officer

Marit Stubdal - higher executive officer


Mona Isaksen - senior executive officer

Randi Bente Hansen - higher executive officer

Tone Holtås - higher executive officer

Andreas Nesje - higher executive officer


June-Vibecke Knudtsen Indrevik - senior executive officer

Elina Troscenko - senior executive officer

Research laboratory

Siren Hammer Østvold - chief engineer

Ying Xue - senio engineer

Randi Sundfjord - senior research technician

Odd Johan Lundberg - staff engineer

Kaia Berstad - staff engineer

Hisham Abdalla - staff engineer

Clinic support

William Lindberg - operating manager

Andreas Nesje - higher executive officer

Mona Jacobsen Gjerstad - higher executive officer

Corina Fine-Moritz 


Ann Lisbeth Garnes - senior executive officer


Jørgen Barth - senior research technician, photografer

Mette Håpoldøy Jacobsen - technical assistant/archival work

Sarah Ahamath - technical assistant/archival work