DIGISCREENS - Identities and Democratic Values on European Screens
Launch seminar

DIGISCREENS Launch Seminar in Tallinn

The international team of DIGISCREENS will be launching the project with a research seminar in Tallinn, Estonia.

Launch seminar participants in Tallinn
Maud Ceuterick

Main content

Ahead of the 2023 CHANSE Kick-off Conference in Tallinn, DIGISCREENS will be arranging our own research seminar for the international members of our research team, alongside invited participants from the film and television industries across Norway, Sweden, France, Spain and Lithuania. 

30th May:

9:30: Welcome and roundtable presentations
9:45: General presentation of the project (Maud, PL Norway)

10:00: Presentation of WP1 on distribution (Lina, PI Lithuania)
10:10: Lithuanian team's work in progress
10:40: Dennis Tredy: "Netflix’s Global Expansion and the 'Difficult Challenges' It Has Raised for Both the Company and Researchers”
11:20: Spanish team's work in progress

11:50: break
12:00: Marjolaine Boutet: "Elite interviews: methods, tips and pitfalls"
12:40: Vilde Sundet: "Industry studies and elite/exclusive interviews"

13:20: lunch
14:20: Norwegian team's work in progress
14:50: Swedish team's work in progress: "Governed by global giants: public regulation of streaming platforms and how that impacts on the content and behavior of the platforms"
15:20:  Petr Szczepanik: "SVOD production in the East-Central European region, with a focus on the position of independent producers and the EU/national regulation of platforms"
16:00: Concluding remarks WP1

19:00: dinner

31st May:

9:30: Presentation of WP2 on representation (Adelina (PI, Spain), Angela, and Orianna): concept, objectives and methods
9:50: Emilio Papamija and Elena Crimental: "Searching for diversity: how to spot real referents"
10:20: Discussion and concluding words WP2

10:30 break 
10:45: Presentation of WP3 on reception: concept, objectives and methods (Maria (PI, Sweden) and Jono) 
11:00:  Emilio Papamija and Elena Crimental: "Democratizing research: building collective knowledge"
11:30: concluding discussion WP3 + Roundtable: what's next for the project? 
12:00: lunch

13:00 Vilde Sundet: "Audience and fan studies"
16:00 Team meeting: concluding words for the launch seminar