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Video presentation from Professor Stephen J. Morse’s guest lecture «Neurolaw: Perils and Promises».
We need to explore the links between insanity and mental disorder, writes Gröning, Haukvik, Morse and Radovic.
Video presentations from the DIMENSIONS conference on legal, philosophical and psychiatric perspectives on mental disorder and criminal justice.
Legal scholar Tova Bennet and philosopher Raffaele Rodogno have started in positions in the DIMENSIONS-project.
The July 22 case raised an extensive discussion about criminal insanity and mental illness, which led to legislative changes from 2020. But there are still ambiguities that can only be resolved through research, according to law professor Linda Gröning at UiB.
Law professor Linda Gröning, psychiatrist Unn K. Haukvik and philosopher Susanna Radovic sheds light on delusions and insanity. The goal is a common understanding across disciplines which will result in better judicial decisions.