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Arabic market

What role does Arabic play in the Arab press and in political conflicts? How is Arab identity expressed through language in the written media? What are the challenges faced by Muslims in Western society?

Subject Coordinator: Ludmila Ivanova Torlakova
Student Advisor: Robert Graff Bakkevold
Examination Officer: Turid Daae

The Arabic language serves as a portal to a new and exciting world, providing a direct insight into an increasingly relevant culture which is largely founded on different religious views and ways of thinking than in the West. The differences between Western and Arab culture is often experienced as a confrontation consisting of unsolvable problems. However, the intersection between them actually opens the way for both cultural and commercial cooperation. Studying Arabic will provide you with advanced skills which, when combined with other subjects, can make you very attractive in the labour market.

Important information regarding admission: for applicants who are interested in our bachelor's degrees, please note that all of our undergraduate programmes require proficiency in Norwegian. This applies to all programmes, including foreign languages, as some information and the courses will only be available in Norwegian. The Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service, NUCAS (Samordna opptak) coordinates the admission to regular undergraduate studies at all the universities, university colleges and state colleges in Norway.

Exchange students
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Tunis meets Bergen

“I’m in love with Bergen”, says one of the five Tunisian exchange students that the Department of Foreign Languages has welcomed this spring semester.