Exchange students with special needs

Exchange students with physical, mental or health related conditions can receive support services from UiB during their exchange period.

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How to prepare for your exchange

1. Contact your home university

  • Start by discussing your needs with the exchange coordinator at your home university. Your coordinator will determine whether it is your home university or UiB that should provide the support you need. If your needs have to be met through a collaboration between the institutions, your coordinator should facilitate the necessary arrangements with UiB.
  • Depending on your needs, you may be eligible for special grants (Erasmus+ students particularly). Your coordinator will give you advice on the application procedures for such grants.
  • Your coordinator must notify us at incoming@uib.no by the nomination deadline to make sure that we can meet your specific needs during your stay at UiB.

2. Be assigned a faculty contact persons

We will put you or your coordinator in touch with your UiB faculty's contact person for students with special needs as soon as we hear from your coordinator. This person will work with you to assess your support needs and will help with special arrangements on departmental or faculty level.

3. Apply for student housing

You can apply for accessible student housing from the Student Welfare Organisation (Sammen) if needed, but make sure that you document your specific needs in your housing application. If you have any questions about this or the appartments they offer, contact Sammen at bolig@sammen.no.