UiB Ferd Career Center for Early Stage Researchers

Inclusion and Diversity in Career Guidance

UiB Ferd supports ALL researchers associated with UiB. We will try to give everyone the same opportunity to have a career conversation or participate in our activities.

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Facilitating career guidance

UiB Ferd offers facilitation of career conversations by offering to move it to other premises when there is a desire or need for it. Conversations can also take place digitally via Zoom or Teams.

Send questions and information by e-mail

We can answer questions and exchange information via e-mail, but we advise against sending sensitive personal data unencrypted by e-mail.

Inform and advise on other relevant support 

There can be many different topics in a career conversation. As career counsellors, we do not have the competence and mandate to handle all cases. In a conversation where we acknowledge that we have professional limitations, we will nevertheless try to help by informing about other agencies and services that may be relevant.

Information and knowledge sharing 

We have started to collect information that may be useful for some ESR researchers to know when they are considering further career opportunities. Feel free to contact us at UiB Ferd if you have experience and knowledge that may be useful for others to know about. 

Facilitating organizations/companies

Aspergerbedriftene was established in order to provide people with Asperger syndrome paid work, and to make their skills available to the industry.  Link to website for the Aspergerbedriften. 

Jobbforalle.no - is a job market created to promote and inclusive working life. It is meant to be a meeting place between people who encounter challenges in getting a job through the usual recruitment channels and companies that want to take a social responsibility through open and inclusive recruitment. Link to website about Jobbforalle.no. 

NAV - has several measures that may be relevant for you who can work if the practical conditions are made suitable for it. You can get help to assess how the workplace can be adapted to your needs. NAV can also offer aids, or give grants to employers to make the necessary adjustments. Contact NAV for information on schemes such as inclusion grants, aids, reading and secretarial assistance, interpreters, functional assistance, travel to work grants. 
Link to website about different NAV measures.

Information brochures from NAV:
Arbeidssøkere med asperger syndrom
Arbeidssøkere med ADHD
Arbeidssøkere med Tourettes syndrom