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The Interaction research group focuses on interaction between information systems and users, technology-mediated interaction in distributed and collocated settings, and interaction in technology-rich settings. The topics we investigate are situated in the fields human-computer interaction, computer supported cooperative work, computer supported collaborative learning, technology-enhanced learning, learning analytics and new media. 

We study how technologies, tools and artifacts appear as an integral part of concrete contexts of use and how technologies mediate work, learning and leisure practices. We are interested in how technologies and mediating tools feature in interaction, cooperation and learning, but also how our empirical studies can inform the design and use of information and communication technologies. We study the design and use of ICT in many contexts, such as health, education, gameworlds, and journalism.

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Designing Audio/Visual Narratives

Recovering from serious illness involves a bodily and psychosocial reorientation in everyday life. Survivors of gynecological cancer often experience bodily changes, fear of cancer recurrence, and changes in sexual health...

Bilde av AI Commentator - en app for smarttelefon. Bildet viser appen og en fotballbane.

Redesigning the commentary role in football games with AI

Gone are the days of solely watching sports on a single fixed device. For most fans, smartphones, designed for engagement and interaction, supplement the live game experience.
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Immersive Virtual Reality (VR)

This paper explores performing Go-along interviews in Immersive Virtual Reality (VR).

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Proceedings of the ACM on Human- Computer Interaction

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to this issue of the Proceedings of the ACM on Human- Computer Interaction...