Research Center for Sleep, Work and Health


The Research Center for Sleep, Work and Health (FoSAH) aim to conduct research on sleep, performance (daytime functioning, performance) and health related to working life.


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Adequate and good sleep is crucial for performance and health in working life. At the same time, we know that an estimated one third of the adult population in Norway reports sleep problems, and at least one in ten is troubled by serious and long-term sleep problems (chronic insomnia).

In the short term, sleep deprivation may have an impact on the efficiency and safety of the workplace, in addition to influencing decision-making processes. Health problems usually develop over time, and various factors, such as night shifts, give measurable effects only after a certain period has passed - often several years. For this reason, The Research Center for Sleep, Work and Health (FoSAH) conducts research projects with a longitudinal design, in addition to experimental studies that examine the effect of various measures.

To conduct research studies, the center has at its disposal several different types of laboratories, portable sleep recording equipment, cognitive tests and more. Research infrastructure at FoSAH

Better performance and health through good sleep

The Research Center for Sleep, Work and Health consists of several of Norway's most prominent researchers on the association between sleep, health, and performance in working life. The researchers at the center are affiliated with the research group Bergen Sleep and Chronobiology Network at UiB. Several are also affiliated with Norwegian Competence Center for Sleep Disorders (Nasjonal kompetansetjeneste for søvnsykdommer (SOVno)

The causes of sleep problems are complex, and an interdisciplinary research effort and close collaboration with working life is necessary to ensure a safe, productive, and sustainable workforce in the future.