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Sleep radars

Sleep radars are new technology for contactless sleep measurement. It is widely considered to be better than actigraphy, and easier and cheaper to use than PSG, which is the gold standard for objective sleep registration. The research group uses sleep radars from Somnofy, to gain insight, among other things, into how Quick Returns (short rest time between two work shifts) affect sleep.

Søvnradar plassert på nattbordet


The research group uses three models of actigraphs from Philips: Actiwatch 2, Actiwatch Spectrum and Actiwatch Spectrum Pluss.

3 modeller av Philips aktigrafer

Light lab

In Christies gate 12, the research group has a light lab. The light lab, which is partly sponsored by the company Glamox, provides unique opportunities to simulate work under different lighting conditions. Since the lab was established, the research community has conducted several research studies that have investigated the effect of different lighting conditions at night work.

Erlend Sunde i døren til lyslabben med rødt lys i bakgrunnen
Eivind Senneset

Sleep lab

The sleep lab has an isolated room adapted for research studies in a controlled environment where the researchers can follow the test person (s) from an external control room.

Linn Solvang Aarvik

Other laboratories

In Christies gate 12, there is also a video analysis room, lab for individual testing, analysis room and a multiple testing lab for research studies with up to five participants simultaneously.

Multippel testing-lab
Linn Solvang Aarvik

Light boxes

A light box/light therapy lamp is a specially designed lighting device, which emits light with a certain intensity, usually around 10,000 lux. The light’s wavelength influences the treatment effect, but most light boxes emit white light that contains all wavelengths. It is the blue wavelengths that have the greatest effect on the circadian rhythm. However, the effect of the light depends on when in the day you are exposed to the light. Light can be used both to speed up and delay the circadian rhythm.

Lyskasse med kvitt lys
Siri Waage

Cognitive tests

Primarily, the research group has used the software e-prime to develop and administer computerized cognitive performance tests. The software provides stable and precise measurements and a flexible solution that enables development and adjustments of tests based on needs in each project. However, there is an online experiment library where tests for assessment of different cognitive functions can be downloaded. Testing can be conducted on stationary computers in the laboratory or using laptops in field studies.

The research group has used different tests for assessment of performance and functioning, e.g., in experiments assessing effects of different shift schedules. In each project, a relevant test battery is developed for measurement of relevant cognitive functions. 

Read more about some of the tests researchers from the research group are using on this webpage.