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Hanna Flækøy Skjåkødegård (press release). Family-based behavioral treatment of children with severe obesity

Main supervisor: Yngvild Sørebø Danielsen, Co-supervisors: Pétur B. Júlíusson, Bente Frisk and Vidar Halsteinli

Tine Almenningen Flaa (press release)

Sleep and sleepiness among shift workers in the air ambulance service.

Main supervisor. Siri Waage. Co-supervisors: Bjørn Bjorvatn, Erik Sakkariassen, Anette Harris and Ståle Pallesen.



Randi Liseth (press release)

Light exposure and stress in pregnancy: Effects of blue-blocking glasses on sleep, mood and melatonin

Main supervisor: Ståle Pallesen. Co-supervisors: Janne Grønli, Roger Ekeberg Henriksen and Tone Elise Gjøtterud Henriksen

Eirin Kolberg (press release)

The effect of bright light on rest-activity rhythms and behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia

Main supervisor: Elisabeth Flo-Groeneboom. Co-supervisors: Inger Hilde Nordhus and Ståle Pallesen 

Sarah Helene Aarestad (press release)

Treating the aftermath of exposure to workplace bullying and preventing exclusion from working life : The effect of individual resilience, return to work self-efficacy, and work-focused metacognitive and cognitive treatment

Main supervisor: Professor Anette Harris. Co-supervisors: Ståle Valvatn Einarsen and Odin Hjemdal

Kjersti Gjerde (press relase)

Patient specific factors predicting adherence and treatment effect of oral appliance therapy in obstructive sleep apnea

Main supervisor: Anders A Johansson. Co-supervisor: Bjørn Bjorvatn.

Heidi Øksnes Markussen (press release)

Health related quality of life and itd association with mortality in patients receiving long-term mechanical ventilation.

Main supervisor: Professor emeritus Gerd Karin Natvig. Co-supervisor: Sverre Lehmann and Roy Miodini Nilsen.



Erlend Sunde (press release)

Effects of light interventions for adaptation to night work. Simulated night work experiments

Main supervisor: Professor Ståle Pallesen. Co-supervisors: Bjørn Bjorvatn, Siri Waage, Janne Grønli and Anette Harris

Gunnhild Johnsen Hjetland (press release)

The effect of bright light on sleep in nursing home patients with dementia

Main supervisor: Professor Elisabeth Flo. Co-supervisors: Inger Hilde Nordhus, Ståle Pallesen and Eirunn Thun

Andrea Rørvik Marti (press relase)

Shift work, circadian rhythms and the brain: Identifying biological mechanisms underlying the metabolic and cognitive consequences of work timing, using a rat model.

Main Supervisor: Professor Janne Grønlie. Co-supervisors: Ståle Pallesen and Clive Braham.

Maria Hrozanova (press release)

Habitual sleep in junior athletes: Associations with mental and physical stress loads

Main Supervisor: Associate professor Frode Moen. Co-supervisors: Ståle Pallesen and Øyvind B Sandbakk.



Kristine Marie Stangenes (press release)

Sleep habits and sleep problems among children born extremely preterm. A Norwegian population-based cohort study.

Main supervisor: Bjørn Bjorvatn. Co-supervisors: Trond Markestad, Irene Bircow Elgen and Mari Hysing

Hogne Vikanes Buchvold (press release)

Shift Work: Weight change and lifestyle factors

Main supervisor: Professor Bjørn Bjorvatn. Co-supervisors: Siri Waage and Ståle Pallesen



Kjersti Marie Blytt (press release)

Sleep in Nursing Home Patients: Clinical Assessment and the Effects of Pain Treatment on Sleep

Main supervisor: Professor Elisabeth Flo. Co-supervisors: Bjørn Bjorvatn and Bettina Husebø

Morten Nordmo (press release)

Sleep and naval performance. The impact of personality and leadership.

Main supervisor: Olav Kjellevold Olsen. Co-supervisor: Ståle Pallesen and Roar Espevik.

Kathrine Cappelen (press release)

Patient Safety Culture in Nursing Homes - measurements, assessments and variability.

Main supervisor: professor Karina Aase. Co-supervisor: Professor Anette Harris


Randi Brendbekken (press release)

Multidisciplinary intervention versus brief intervention in specialist health care. Attempting to improve outcomes for patients on sick leave with musculoskeletal pain

Main supervisor: Professor Tone Tangen. Co-supervisors: Anette Harris and Randi Hege Eriksen