GenderAct - A Project for Cultural Change and Gender Balance
About the project

The project's content and organization

GenderAct is a participation and action project. The main goal is to achieve change, driving long-term, sustainable gender balance at the Faculty. Our activities are designed to promote cultural and structural change. We will support people to reflect on their own identities and potential biases through concrete measures, processes and routines.


Main content

Specific goals of the project

  • increase local expertise relating to the effects of a gendered organizational cultures, and motivate leaders to take concrete action
  • halt and reverse the downward trend in the number of newly appointed female associate professors, and to gender balance in related positions
  • strengthen women's identity as researchers and research leaders, and help more women submit increasing numbers of applications for external funding
  • assist more women in achieving promotion to professor level



The Research Council project started 1 January 2021 and ends 31 December 2022. It is a specific goal that the activities in the project should be capable of extension into subsequent years.


The Project

The project will help establish a more equal career path for women and men at the faculty, and will be an important contribution to our long-term work to improve the gender balance in senior scientific positions and senior research management (more information is coming).

The Steering Committee

Dekan Gunn Mangerud

Fakultetsdirektør Elisabeth Müller Lysebo

Instituttleder Tor Eldevik, Geofysisk institutt

Professor Martin Fernø, Institutt for fysikk og teknologi

Professor Lilya Budaghyan, Institutt for informatikk

Kristin Sofie Farkas, prosjektkoordinator/sekretær

The Steering Committee will follow projects closely and actively contribute to achieving our stated goals. The Steering Committee will have an important role as standard-bearer for our projects. It will fulfill this role within the Faculty, across the University and more broadly.