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Nina Grieg 175! International research seminar

On the occasion of the Nina Grieg 175 celebration, arranged by KODE Composer Homes 20 - 24 November, the Grieg Research Centre arranges an international research seminar on the topic 'Women in music history, musical heritage and gender perspectives'.

Nina Grieg 175

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The seminar will take place 23 November, 10.00-15.00 at Festsalen, KODE 1, Bergen, in hybrid format with in person-participants in Bergen and as a zoom webinar (a link will be sent to the participants). The seminar venue (Festsalen) will be open for audience.Read more about the program for the whole Nina 175-festival (which had to be postponed by a year because of the Covid-19-pandemic): https://griegmuseum.no/konserter/aktuelle 


Nina Grieg 175! Grieg Research Centre Seminar Fall 2021Women in music history, musical heritage and gender perspectives

Whose music history? Introduction 
10.00 Arnulf Christian Mattes, Leader Grieg Research Centre, UiB

Session 1: Contemporary practice and overcoming structures 
Chair: Marion Hestholm, PhD, music journalist and program leader, NRK 

10.15 Lilli Mittner, PhD, Research fellow, UiT: 
Feminist theory in practice: RESCAPE as a method for performative historiography

10.45 Emil Bernhardt, music critic and post.doc., UiO: 
Gender biases in the art music field today? Descriptive, personal and critical remarks.

11.15 Elisabeth Treydte, PhD fellow, Universität Siegen:
Framing, blaming, shaming?! Equality, empowerment and (new) music

Lunch break

Session 2: Historical agency and legacy: Forgotten pioneers? 
Chair: Monica Jangaard, curator, KODE Composer homes

12.30 Camilla Hambro, PhD, Associate professor, Åbo Academy University:
Agathe Backer Grøndahl’s agency, legacy and impact on Nordic music history

13.00 Ingrid Skovdahl, MA-student, UiO:
“Resolve to be thyself”: Agency, legacy and impact in the case of Signe Lund (1868–1950)

Session 3: Biased narratives revisited: Gender, genre, and genius
Chair: Arnulf Mattes, leader Grieg Research Centre, UiB

13.30 Christine Hamm, Professor, UiB:
Finding a voice: Nina Grieg and Camilla Collett

14.00 Jill Halstead, Professor, UiB:
“Men compose symphonies, women compose babies”: Reflections on genre and gender in late 20th century classical music. 

14.30 Erlend Hovland, Professor, NMH: 
Why have there been no great women composer in Norway: On reading Linda Nochlin in 2021