HySchool - Norwegian research school on hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels


Doctoral candidates from all universities and university colleges in Norway can be admitted to HySchool, provided main parts of the Ph.D.-projects are within the range of Topical Areas (TAs) defined for the research school. The TAs for HySchool cover most aspects of the use of hydrogen and hydrogen-based fuels as energy carriers in industry or society.

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Applications for admittance to HySchool can be submitted at any time during the project period (2022-2030):

Access the HySchool application form here

The Project Management Team (PMT) evaluates and admits applicants that have applied within specific deadlines.

Find the next application deadline here.

Only PhD students that are formally admitted to a doctoral program at a Norwegian university or university college can be admitted to HySchool.

Master's students, doctoral students from abroad, and postdoctoral researchers may attend certain activities organised by the research school.

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