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SRA Nordic conference, 27-29 September, 2022

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Below you will find a short version of the program. For a downloadable version of the full program and book of abstracts, please see fact box to the right. 

Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Place: "Olav H. Hauge", Litteraturhuset, Østre Skostredet 5

11.00 - 13.00Registration and snack
13.00Opening of SRA conference 2022
By Gisela Böhm, Ullrika Sahlin, Norman Anderssen
13.30Keynote 1: Risk management and communication in an era of postfactual irritations
By Ortwin Renn
Chair: Trygve Skjold
15.30Roundtable 1: New knowledge and lessons learned on risk communication in the wake of the pandemic
By Kristin S. Scharffscher, Frederic E. Bouder, Ortwin Renn, Sanjana Arora
Chair: Ann Bostrom
17.15Keynote 2: Correcting alluring misconceptions about climate change: results from science communication survey experiments in the U.S.
By Ann Bostrom
Chair: Gisela Böhm

Wednesday, 28 September 2022

Place: "Olav H. Hauge", Litteraturhuset, Østre Skostredet 5

9.00MECCA symposium
By Usman Isyaku, Charles Ogunbode, Stefan Liersch, Tobias Pilz, Karlijn van den Broek
Chair: Wouter Poortinga
11.15Individual papers session 1: Security
By Dieter Roehrich, Sasan Zarghooni-Hoffmann
Chair: Bjørn Sætrevik
13.30Keynote 3: The citizens’ perspective on inverse panopticon, devices that can protect privacy
By Ingvar Tjøstheim
Chair: Ortwin Renn
14.45Individual papers session 2: Cooperation
By Elisa Tedaldi, Natalia Bełdyga
Chair: Ingvar Tjøstheim


Enjoy a couple of leisure hours
18.00 –
Roundtable 2: Social Surveys in Risk Research
By Jon Krosnick*, Wouter Poortinga, Sofia Axelsson, Aistė Balžekienė
Chair: Endre Meyer Tvinnereim
20.00Conference dinner

* Will be attending online

Thursday, 29 September 2022

Place: "Ulrikes Aula", Ulrike Pihls hus, Professor Keysers gate 1

9.00Individual papers session 3: Uncertainty
By Brynhild Stavland, Trygve Skjold, Bjørn Sætrevik
Chair: Karlijn van den Broek
10.30Individual papers session 4: Risk perception and communication
By Wouter Poortinga, Thea Gregersen, Rouven Doran, Sebastian Bjørkheim
Chair: Charles Ogunbode
11.50Closing of the conference
13.30 –
Optional tour of the House of Public Safety – Samfunnssikkerhetens hus – Bergen.