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8th Annual Meeting of Society for Risk Analysis Europe Nordic Chapter 2022

Save the date: The conference will take place September 27 (arrival) to September 29 (departure) in Bergen, Norway.

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The Society for Risk Analysis Europe Nordic Chapter invites you to its annual meeting for risk researchers and practitioners. The conference will provide an interdisciplinary forum to discuss current research on risk such as risk perception, risk communication, risk assessment, risk management, and risk policy. 

We hope to welcome many participants physically to this beautiful city. We will also provide an option for online participation.

Theme: The Return of Risk and Rivalry

The world is shocked by a new war in Europe. Old fears and conflicts are re-emerging, from nuclear weapons to nationalism. Ideological rivalries between nations and social groups (re-)occur. At the same time, globalization and digitalization change the rules of the game and bring new threats such as cybercrime and fake news. And this at a time when urgent societal transformations, for example concerning energy and food, are needed to address climate change and meet sustainability goals, and when a pandemic is far from being over. What can risk research contribute to tackling these global crises?

We will welcome contributions from all fields of risk research. And we will offer several formats such as symposia, panel debates, and keynotes.

Get ready – more information is coming soon!

Deadline for submission of contributions will be June 24, 2022.

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