Department of Health Promotion and Development

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What promotes wellbeing and public health? What creates a good childhood? What can counteract marginalisation and social exclusion?

These are the major issues and core questions that form the focus of research at HEMIL. We are an interdisciplinary group of researchers with foundations in the social sciences and psychology. We research and teach on a wide range of subjects within the disciplines of health promotion, child welfare and global development.

Our research orientation is resource-based, aligns with the UN’s sustainable development goals and emphasises social justice both locally and globally.

new internship project
University of KwaZulu-Natal

New Master Internship Possibilities

Centre for International Health (CIH) and the Department of Health Promotion and Development have received funding for a new internship project where master’s students will be able to get scholarships while on internships at partner institutions in Durban, South Africa.

Scott Drimie from Stellenbosch University and Marguerite Daniel from the University of Bergen after presenting their research project at University of Western Cape on Thursday 1 November 2018.

On climate change and child health

How does climate change impact on child health? That is the subject of a research collaboration between Stellenbosch University and the University of Bergen.

Photo of Sofia Petkovic.

Had her eyes set on her dream job

Sofia Petkovic chose a masters program with an internship component. Then she used the internship to network her way to a full time job.

Two-year M. Phil programme

Master of Philosophy in Global Development Theory and Practice

Specialisation either in Gender in Global Development or in Health Promotion.


Open data on adolescent health in 41 countries released

A WHO-project on health in the adolescent population is now giving researchers access to data collected in 41 countries worldwide. The data gives insight on matters concerning health, well-being, social environment and health related behaviour of 11, 13 and 15 year old boys and girls.


Head of department: Benedicte Carlsen

Head of administration: Grete Line Simonsen

Research administration: Maria Luttges Mathieu

Program administration: Francisca Caceres Altamirano

Telephone: 55 58 86 94

Visit us at Alrek Helseklynge, Årstadveien 17

E-mail: post@hemil.uib.no