Equity in Social Welfare and Global Development Research Group

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Research group leader: Haldis Haukanes

Department of Health Promotion and Development (HEMIL)

Årstadveien 17

5009 Bergen 

Equity in Social Welfare and Global Development- WelDev

This interdisciplinary research group, established in 2022, is situated in the Department of Health Promotion and Development and engages research related to social welfare and global development. The research topics in the group’s project portfolio are varied, yet united by a core interest in questions of equity, social justice and empowerment.

Our theoretical interests are founded on critical perspectives within health promotion, childhood studies, social work, psychology, social anthropology and gender studies. We value epistemological diversity and employ a range of methodological approaches; we have particular expertise in qualitative methods.

We have competencies in the following research areas:

Health and Welfare Services


Gender, Diversity, inclusion and belonging

Sexual and reproductive health and rights

Global partnerships

Our members teach in three Master's Programmes

Child Protection and Welfare

Global Development Theory and Practice

Health Promotion


book cover

The open-access Handbook of Salutogenesis, 2nd Edition is now available

The book traces the development of the salutogenic model of health and fleshes out the central concepts, most notably coping resources and the sense of coherence that differentiate salutogenesis from pathogenesis.

Open Access
women and climate change

Participation in climate change adaptation programs in Nepal: an intersectional study

In the social discourses of climate change, women are perceived both as vulnerable victims and as active players in adaptation.