Graduate School of Human Interaction and Growth

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Research school leader: Jørn Hetland

Administrative staff: Maria Luttges Mathieu

Telephone: 55 58 29 60

Årstadveien 17, 5009 BERGEN


The Graduate School of Human Interaction and Growth (GHIG) was established in March 2006 at Faculty of Psychology at the University of Bergen. GHIG collaborates closely with the Department of Health Promotion and Development and the Department of Psychosocial Sciences. The graduate school focuses on social and psychological change processes within fields such as organisation and leadership, school development and learning, and health promotion and preventive initiatives.

The PhD-projects connected with GHIG are based on a broad theoretical foundation, but with a clear emphasis on theories of change within a social scientific relational perspective. Important topics and analytical concepts are related to social processes and relations such as social conflicts, discourses, social differences, social trends, social cognitive processes, democracy, marginalisation and gender and development.

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vkasinering eldre

Coronavirus resources

Communication with healthcare workers can play an important role in older people’s decisions to vaccinate. However, healthcare workers need the opportunity, skills and information to communicate well. Benedicte Carlsen from HEMIL participated in this study.
ERC Synergy Grant | New research
Counting on fingers

Count – and I know who you are

Humans are the only species that uses symbols to express quantities, and researchers now want to find out why number systems vary so much between cultures.

Climate and energy transition
New energy

Psychology makes a difference for climate change

Researchers in psychology investigate our attitudes and actions towards energy transitions and climate change.