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25.03.22Olaniyan, Samuel"Embracing both sides of the same coin: Work-related psychosocial risks and resources among child welfare workers".
01.10.21Oldeide, Olin"Local drug prevention - From policy to practice: A qualitative case study of policy makers, outreach social workers and at-risk youths".
03.09.21Johnsen, Anja"Barn og unge i fattige familier: Selvoppfattet skolekompetanse, etnisitet og akademisk resiliens. Hvilke faktorer kan fremme skoleprestasjoner hos barn og unge i risiko?".
18.06.21Herrero Arias, Raquel"Negotiating parenting culture, identity, and belonging. The experiences of Southern European parents raising their children in Norway."
18.12.20Potrebny, Thomas                   “Temporal trends in psychological distress and healthcare utilization among young people”.
03.12.20Hagen, Susanne«Helse i alt kommunen gjør? ...» - en undersøkelse av samvariasjoner mellom kommunale faktorer og norske kommuners bruk av folkehelsekoordinator, fokus på levekår og prioritering av fordelingshensyn blant sosioøkonomiske grupper.
24.04.20Nilsen, Sondre"After the Divorce: Academic Achievement, Mental Health, and Health Complaints in Adolescence".
13.09.19Sveinsdottir, Vigdis“Supported Employment and preventing Early Disability (SEED)”.
11.10.19Synnevåg, Ellen“Planning for Public Health. Balancing top-down and bottom-up approaches in Norwegian municipalities.”
30.08.19Nordmo, Morten“Sleep and naval performance. The impact of personality and leadership”.
01.03.19Heradstveit, Ove"Alcohol- and drug use among adolescents. School-related problems, childhood mental health problems, and psychiatric diagnoses".
19.11.18Darkwah, Ernest"Caring for “parentless” children. An exploration of work-related experiences of caregivers in children’s homes in Ghana".
09.11.18Barua, Padmaja"Unequal Interdependencies: Exploring Power and Agency in Domestic Work Relations in Contemporary India".
04.05.18Fylkesnes, Knag Marte"Frykt, forhandlinger og deltakelse. Familier med etnisk minoritetsbakgrunn i møte med den norske barneverntjenesten".
27.04.18Brattabø, Vaksdal Ingfrid"Detection of child maltreatment, the role of dental health personnel. – A national cross-sectional study among public dental health personnel in Norway".
27.06.17Fismen, Anne-Siri“Adolescent eating habits. Trends and socio-economic status”.
22.06.17Bakhturidze, George“Public Participation in Tobacco Control Policy-making in Georgia”
31.05.17Urke, Helga Bjørnøy"Child health and child care of very young children in Bolivia, Colombia and Peru".
07.04.17Søvik, Margaret"Evaluating the implementation of the Empowering Coaching™ program in Norway".
31.01.17Jamaludin, Nor Lelawati“The “why” and “how” of International Students’ Ambassadorship Roles in International Education”
18.01.17Katisi, Masego“The power of context in health partnerships: Exploring synergy and antagony between external and internal ideologies in implementing Safe Male Circumcision (SMC) for HIV prevention in Botswana”
12.12.16Doran, Rouven“Eco-friendly travelling: The relevance of perceived norms and social comparison”
06.12.16Hollekim, Ragnhild“Contemporary discourses on children and parenting in Norway. An empirical study based on two cases.”
28.10.16Chimhutu, Victor“Results-Based Financing (RBF) in the health sector of a low-income country. From agenda setting to implementation: The case of Tanzania”
21.10.16Reknes, Iselin"Exposure to workplace bullying among nurses: Health outcomes and individual coping”
20.09.16Glambek, Mats"Workplace bullying and expulsion in working life: A representative study addressing prospective associations and explanatory conditions".
01.09.16Øyeflaten, Irene“Long-term sick leave and work rehabilitation. Prognostic factors for return to work.”
24.08.16Løvoll, Helga“Inside the outdoor experience. On the distinction between pleasant and interesting feelings and their implication in the motivational process.”
09.06.16Ree, Eline

“Staying at work. The role of expectancies and beliefs in health and workplace interventions.”

08.06.16Slåtten, Hilde

“Gay-related name-calling among young adolescents. Exploring the importance of the context.”

06.11.15Knapstad, Marit

"Psychological factors in long-term sickness absence: the role of shame and social support. Epidemiological studies based on the Health Assets Project."

16.10.15Løvvik, Camilla

"Common mental disorders and work participation – the role of return-to-work expectations".

04.09.15Wubs, Annegreet

"Intimate partner violence among adolescents in South Africa and Tanzania".

19.05.15Jakobsen, Hilde

“The good beating: Social norms supporting men’s partner violence in Tanzania”.

19.03.15Amugsi, Dickson

“Child Care Practices, Resources for Care, and Nutritional Outcomes in Ghana: Findings from Demographic and Health Surveys”.

18.03.15Matanda, Deenis

“Child physical growth and care practices in Kenya:Evidence from Demographic and Health Surveys”.

06.01.15Hauken, May Aasebø“The cancer treatment was only half the work!” – A mixed-method study of rehabilitation of young adult cancer survivors”.
17.12.14Hesjedal, Elisabeth“Tverrprofesjonelt samarbeid mellom skule og barnevern: Kva kan støtte utsette barn og unge?”
28.05.14Tjora, Tore“Smoking from adolescence through adulthood: the role of family, friends, depression and socioeconomic status. Predictors of smoking from age 13 to 30 in the “The Norwegian Longitudinal Health Behaviour Study” (NLHB)”.
20.03.14Urheim, Ragnar"Forståelse av pasientaggresjon og forklaringer på nedgang i voldsrate ved Regional sikkerhetsavdeling, Sandviken sykehus".
05.12.13Johansen, Rino Bandlitz"The impact of military identity on performance in the Norwegian Armed Forces".
07.11.13Mortensen, Øystein"The transistion to parenthood – couple relationships put to the test".
28.08.13Gianella-Malca, Camila“Challenges in implementing the Colombian Constitutional Court’s Health-Care System Ruling of 2008”.
12.06.13Birkeland, Marianne"Development of global self-esteem: The transition from adolescence to adulthood".
06.06.13Corbin, Hope“North-South Partnerships for Health: Key Factors for Partnership Success from the Perspective of the KIWAKKUKI”.
06.03.13Aasen, Elin

"From paternalism to patient participation? The older patients undergoing hemodialysis, their next of kin and the nurses: a discursive perspective on perception of patient participation in dialysis units".

15.02.13Odéen, Magnus

"Coping at work. The role of knowledge and coping expectancies in health and sick leave".

14.02.13Mjaaland, Thera

“At the frontiers of change? Women and girls’ pursuit of education in north-western Tigray, Ethiopia”.

08.02.13Mæland, Silje"Sick leave for patients with severe subjective health complaints. Challenges in general practice".
15.01.13Knudsen, Ann Kristin"Long-term sickness absence and disability pension award as consequences of common mental disorders. Epidemiological studies using a population-based health survey and official ill health registries".
12.12.12Rød, Per Arne"Barn i klem mellom foreldrekonflikter og samfunnsmessig beskyttelse".
11.12.12Hanss, Daniel"Explaining sustainable consumption: Findings from cross-sectional and intervention approaches".
10.12.12Leversen, Ingrid

"Adolescents’ leisure activity participation and their life satisfaction: The role of demographic characteristics and psychological processes".

29.11.12Skogen, Jens

"Foetal and early origins of old age health. Linkage between birth records and the old age cohort of the Hordaland Health Study (HUSK)".

27.11.12Bakibinga, Pauline"The experience of job engagement and self-care among Ugandan nurses and midwives".
16.10.12Aasland, Merethe Schanke"Destructive leadership: Conceptualisation, measurement, prevalence, and outcomes".
17.09.12Horverak, Jøri Gytre”Sense or sensibility in hiring processes: Interviewee and interviewer characteristics as antecedents of immigrant applicants` employment probabilities. An experimental approach.”
21.06.12Vie, Tina Løkke"Cognitive appraisal, emotions and subjective health complaints among victims of workplace bullying: A stress-theoretical approach".
27.09.11Melkevik, Ole"Screen-based sedentary behaviors: pastimes for the poor, inactive and overweight?"
01.09.11Hauge, Hans A. "How can employee empowerment be made conducive to both employee health and organisation performance? An empirical investigation of a tailor-made approach to organisation learning in a municipal public service organization".
07.06.11Harris, Anette"Adaptation and health in extreme and isolated environments. From 78° N to 75° S."
25.02.11Notelaers, Guy"Workplace bullying. A risk control perspective".
24.01.11Bye, Hege Høivik" Self-presentation in job interviews. Individual and cultural differences in applicant self-presentation during job interviews and hiring managers’ evaluations".
16.11.10Wolff, Katharina"To know or not to know? Attitudes towards receiving genetic information among patients and the general public".
10.11.10Viig, Nina Grieg"Tilrettelegging for læreres deltakelse i helsefremmende arbeid. En kvalitativ og kvantitativ analyse av sammenhengen mellom organisatoriske forhold og læreres deltakelse i utvikling og implementering av Europeisk Nettverk av Helsefremmende Skoler i Norge".
09.11.10Bull, Torill"Combining employment and child care: The subjective well-being of single women in Scandinavia and Southern Europe".
03.11.10Anker, Morten"Client directed outcome informed couple therapy".
02.11.10Aanes, Mette" Poor social relationships as a threat to belongningness needs. Interpersonal stress and subjective health complaints: Mediating and moderating factors".
01.09.10Reme, Silje Endresen"Common Complaints – Common Cure?
Psychiatric comorbidity and predictors of treatment outcome in low back pain and irritable bowel syndrome".
26.08.10Bjørkelo, Brita"Whistleblowing at work: Antecedents and consequences".
24.08.10Hauge, Lars Johan"Environmental antecedents of workplace bullying: A multi-design approach".
30.06.10Holthe, Asle"Evaluating the implementation of the Norwegian guidelines for healthy school meals. A case study involving three secondary schools".
16.03.10Danielsen, Anne Grete"Perceived psychosocial support, students’ self-reported academic initiative and perceived life satisfaction".
23.09.09Stang, Ingunn"Being in the same boat: An empowerment intervention in breast cancer self-help groups".
27.08.09Skorpen, Aina og Øye Christine

"Dagliglivet i en psykiatrisk institusjon: En analyse av miljøterapeutiske praksiser Aina Skorpen og Christine Øye disputerer torsdag".

25.06.09Tjomsland, Hege

"Health promotion with teachers. Evaluation of the Norwegian Network of Health Promoting Schools: Quantitative and qualitative analyses of predisposing, reinforcing and enabling conditions related to teacher participation and program sustainability".

11.05.09Guribye, Eugene“Refugees and mental health interventions”.
05.05.09Nielsen, Morten Birkeland“Methodological issues in research on workplace bullying. Operationalisations, measurements and samples”
30.04.09Wangberg, Silje C."Internet based interventions to support health behaviours: The role of self-efficacy".