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Scientific Director for BSRS 2022 is Professor Haldis Haukanes, Department of Health Promotion and Development, UiB.
The book traces the development of the salutogenic model of health and fleshes out the central concepts, most notably coping resources and the sense of coherence that differentiate salutogenesis from pathogenesis.
Arnold Bakker is an internationally known organizational psychologist who lectures frequently to professional groups, business audiences, and students. He has been on Thomson Reuters’ list of “Most influential scientific minds” since 2013.
“Knowledge translation and exchange: Improving the impact of research through design, funding, implementation and dissemination of research”. PhD and staff seminar 2017.
Scholars teaching from different continents, will give their presentations in addition to short comments related to the main topic of the day.
GHIG is a supplement to the elective part of the PhD program at the Faculty of Psychology, and aims to offer 9-10 ECT in scientific perspectives, research methods and dissemination through courses, seminars and workshops and social activities.