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Understanding and addressing inequality

Welcome to The annual Bergen Summer Research School (BSRS)

Scientific Director for BSRS 2022 is Professor Haldis Haukanes, Department of Health Promotion and Development, UiB.

Bergen Summer School 2022

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BSRS Courses 2022

This summer, six parallel disciplinary courses will focus on key global challenges, including climate change and mobility; governance and inequality; economic experiments in developing countries; higher education and the arts; food security; and gender, justice and environmental crises.

Gender, Justice and Environmental CrisesRedi Koobak (UiB)Kari Jegerstedt (UiB)

Food Security for 8 BillionHanne Rosendahl-Riise (UiB)Ingunn Marie Stadskleiv Engebretsen (UiB)

Governance and InequalityLise Rakner (UiB)Ragnhild Louise Muriaas (UiB)

Climate Change and Inequality of MobilityJohannes Servan (UiB)Christine Straehle (University of Hamburg)

Economic Experiments in Developing CountriesCatalina Franco (NHH)

Global Inequalities in Higher Education and the ArtsDavid G. Hebert (HVL)Erlend Eidsvik (HVL)

Joint sessions:Systems thinking, creative problem-solving and project managementBirgit Kopainsky (UiB)Ingunn Johanne Ness (UiB)Hiwa Målen (UiB)

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