Department of Health Promotion and Development
Department council

Department council at the Department of Health Promotion and Development (HEMIL)

The department council deals with and makes decisions on matters on behalf of the department, and consists of representatives for the staff and students with the department.

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Head of department, deputy and department council

Head of department: Fungisai Ottemöller

Deputy: Siri Lange

Secretary: Maria Luttges Mathieu

Department council composition:

  • Group A: Haldis Haukanes, Anette Iversen, Siri Lange

1.substitute: Ingrid Holsen
2.substitute: Ragnhild Hollekim

  • Group B: Helle Karina Johansen

1.substitute: Catharina Wold Robson

  • Group C: Francisca Caceres Altamirano

1. substitute: Vanessa Seeligmann

  • Group D: Sjur Sekse Kvam

The election period for group A and group C is from 01.08.2021 to 31.07.2025.

The election period for group B and group D is from 01.08.2023 to 31.07.2024.