Department of Chemistry

Organization and personnel

Department of Chemistry is one of seven departments organized under The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MN-faculty) at The University of Bergen (UoB). The faculty is one of six faculties organized under the University Board.

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Our vision is to conduct chemical research at an international acknowledged level within selected research topics, and to be an attractive place of study providing modern research-based teaching. Furthermore, the department will engage in services that benefit our regional and national communities.
The plan for the next five years combines continuity and change. It reinforces and extends our commitment to international standards of research focusing on three areas:

  • nanoscience
  • molecular bioscience
  • petroleum, natural gas and biofuels

The staff counts twelve full professors, three adjunct professors, and seven
associate professors. During recent years there has been a gradual reduction
in permanent staff, from 25 in 2000 to 19 in 2010. In 2011, however,
one full professor and one associate professor was appointed to the
department. Furthermore, the department has 9 technicians and 5
administrative staff members, and currently also eight postdoctoral fellows
and researchers, 35 PhD-students, and 40 master-students.
Department of Chemistry collaborates closely with Centre of Pharmacy.
Similarly, staff members are involved in the Centre of Integrated Petroleum
Research (CIPR), a cross-disciplinary centre of excellence at University of