Department of Chemistry

Instruments and equipment

From high-tech instrumentation to routine instruments: the Department of Chemistry has a variety of instruments that help researchers and students explore the chemical world.

Illustrativt bilde av et kjemilaboratorium med hanskebokser og en kjemiker som jobber i den ene.
The HTE laboratory at UiB with a Junior automation robot from Unchained Labs in a double glove box.
Sigmund Grønlie Bolme, UiB

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Many instrument laboratories at the Department of Chemistry have their own websites with additional information:

Common resources

Chromatographic methodsContact


Zakieh Izakian

Øyvind M. Andersen
  • Accelerated Solvent Extractor
Monica Jordheim
Surface and colloid chemistry 



Tore Skodvin

Peptide synthesis laboratoryBengt E. Haug
Spectroscopic methods 
  • Atomic absorption (AAS)
Anne G. Frøystein

Egil Nodland

Bjarte Holmelid
Egil Nodland
  • Ultraviolet-visible (UV-VIS)
Anne G. Frøystein
  • Diffuse spctrophotometer
Monica Jordheim
Inorganic methods/material characterization 
  • X-ray diffractometer (single-crystal and powerder methods)
  • Polymer characterization (Gel permetation chromatography)
Erwan Le Roux
  • High pressure and high temperatrure reactor
Erwan Le Roux
  • Simultaneous thermogravimetry and DSC-MS
Pascal Dietzel
  • Physisorption, standard pressure
  • Physisorption, high pressure
Pascal Dietzel
  • Microactivity-Effi Catalytic Reactor
Giovanni Occhipinti
  • Elemental analysis (determination of C, H, and N)
Inger J. Fjellanger
  • Glove boxes
  • Calcination furnace
  • Ball mill
  • Microwave synthesis (with autoclacve)
  • Potentiostat (cyclic voltammetry)
  • Solvent cleaning (SPS)

Erwan LeRoux/

Pascal Dietzel/

Giovanni Occhipinti

Miscellaneous instruments and equipment 
  • Polarimeter
Torgils Fossen
  • Coulometer
Torgils Fossen
  • Cryostates
  • Freeze dryer
Bengt E. Haug
  • Ice machine
  • Perchloric acid extraction
  • pH meter
  • Pumps
  • Refractometers (refractive index)
  • Rotary evaporators
  • Centrifuges
  • Density instruments
  • Titrators
  • UV lamps
  • Heating cabinet
  • Scales

Unni Hauge/

Anne G.Frøystein/

Inger J. Fjellanger/

Reidun Myklebust/

Marit B. Vaage