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In case of fire

What will you do?

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If you discover a fire do the following;  

-Call fire department on phone (0)110 and inform them about;

Who is calling
What has happened 
Where is the scene of the fire

•Make an attempt of firefigthing using available fire-fighting equipment

•Trigger of fire alarm using a manual fire-alarm box, if the alarm has not started automatically.


Do not risk your own health and safety in an attempt to save others.

In the pdf file, you will find more important information about the 2nd floor.
Please notice the location of your nearest fire-extinquisher.
An arial photo describe where to meet after an evacuation and the safest route to get to the south end of the Science building. If the evacuation will be long-lasting, we will go inside at Allégaten 66.
Avoid walking near the building in case of falling debris. Use the eastern sidewalk inAllégaten. Do not use the route through the park, it is closed.


Also read the Department of Estate and Facilities Management's pages on safety and security :::>