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Fire preventive work

The work done to prevent fires should be part of the systematic HSE work at UiB.

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Preventive fire safety should be integrated into the daily HSE work of managers, users and the operating organisation. Line managers have the main responsibility for internal checks (fire) of their own unit, while the owner representative takes care of the central fire safety work at UiB.

The fire prevention work is carried out by the user representative and site manager at the units.

Fire safety training
Employees at UiB must be given fire safety training and must carry out regular fire drills in proportion to the risk in the building.

New employees and temporary staff must be given sufficient information about how to act in the event of a fire. A separate form must be used to document the fact that information has been provided (NO). Fire safety training is offered each term and is advertised on UiB’s Employee pages.

Inspections are performed by operating staff at the Estate and Facilities Management Division and by building and site managers at each building. These include monthly inspections of evacuation routes, fire extinguishing equipment, fire doors and fire alarm systems.

Checks and maintenance
Checks are performed by qualified personnel (usually an external company). The checks include fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems and extinguishing devices.

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