Department of Chemistry

Vibrational spectroscopy

In the two laboratories there are spectrometers for FTIR, NIR with fibre optics, Raman with fibre optics and VIS/NIR with fibre optics

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Nicolet Protege 460 FTIR

Standard laboratory spectrometer with numerous sample accessories. 
A diamond-ATR cell eliminates most sample preparation.

Spectral range: 6000-400 cm-1 (ATR 4000-650 cm-1) User guide :::>


Perstorp NIRSystems 6500


Fibre optical cable.  Two probes, for liquids or solids.
Aqueous, liquids, films, powders, solids and biolgical samples.

Spectral range 700-2500 nm (14285-4000 cm-1)

RamanRxn1 Analyzer

Fibre optical cable for analysing and monitoring chemical processes. 
Aqueous, liquids, films, powders, solids and biolgical samples. Non-contact sampling possibilties.

Spectral range: 3800-0 cm-1

Spectrum One NTS FT-NIR

Near infrared reflectance accessory (NIRA) for diffuse reflectance measurements of solids, liquids and powders.

Spectral range: 14700-2000 (NIRA 14300-4000) cm-1




Mini-instrument, fully portable with USB connection to lap-top confuser.

Spectral range: 400-1100 nm (25000 -9090 cm-1)


Thermo Nicolet iS50R


Research grade spectrometer with numerous sample accessories.
Built-in Diamond ATR Module. Spectral range DLaTGS detector (5000-80 cm-1)