Machine Vision
Online seminar

Apertures #3: The "Machine Vision" exhibition vernissage

The Machine Vision in Everyday Life research project welcomes the artists, curators & organizers of the "Machine Vision" exhibition at the Bergen University Museum to celebrate the opening and introduce the exhibition to international audiences.

Projection on the exhibition floor
Gabriele de Seta

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Through a remote tour of the exhibition and presentations by the artists involved, this seminar will showcase how machine vision is represented in contemporary art and digital culture. The artworks featured in the “Machine Vision” exhibition bring forth playful ways to resist intrusive facial recognition, critical insights into how machines are used to classify humans, speculative scenarios involving algorithmic prediction and subversive uses of computer vision.

Apertures is a series of seminars organized by the Machine Vision in Everyday Life research project. This 90-minute video seminar features an introduction to the “Machine Vision” exhibition, interventions by organizers and curators, and short presentations by the artists involved, followed by a discussion with the audience.

Mushon Zer-Aviv is a designer, researcher, educator and media activist based in Tel Aviv, and will join us to talk about The Normalizing Machine.

Weiyi Li is an artist, designer, curator, publisher and retailer who lives and works on the internet. She will discuss her work The Ongoing Moment.

Nicolas Zembashi is an architectural researcher, animator and project coordinator at Forensic Architecture, and will give us insight into the investigation behind The Battle of Ilovaisk.

Leonardo Selvaggio’s artworks examine the intersection of identity and technology. He will introduce us to the development of the do-it-yourself YHB Pocket Protest Shield.

KairUs members Linda Kronman (also researcher with the Machine Vision in Everyday Life project) and Andreas Zingerle (co-curator of the exhibition) will discuss their work Suspicious Behavior.

Åshild Sunde Feyling Thorsen, visual anthropologist and project curator at the Bergen University Museum, will share her vision for the exhibition.


Poster for the "Apertures #3" event
Gabriele de Seta