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Machine Visions: New Books by Parikka, Dobson & Rettberg

Join the authors of three new books about automated vision in this 60 minute online event.

Covers of three books: Dobson's The Birth of Computer Vision, Parikka's Operational Images and Rettberg's Machine Vision.
Three new books about digital visual technologies.
Book covers

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This event is over, but a recording of the talks and discussion is available on YouTube.

James E. Dobson: The Birth of Computer Vision (https://shorturl.at/IQU35)

Jussi Parikka: Operational Images: From the Visual to the Invisual (https://shorturl.at/jxZ38)

Jill Walker Rettberg: Machine Vision: How Algorithms are Changing the Way We See the World (https://shorturl.at/gklQ1)

This panel discussion offers an exploration of their recently published works, emphasizing the historical, theoretical, and cultural dimensions of algorithmic visual technologies.