Mechanism of tissue and tumor fibrosis (MOTIF)
Summer school

DIKU Summer School in Fibrosis 2021

Fibroblasts in fibrosis research

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DIKU summer school in Fibrosis research

Bergen, Norway

Venue: June 9-11, 2021

Organizer: Donald Gullberg
All the sessions will be held live as Zoom webinar, and will be recorded and placed on a private YouTube channel.  A link to the videos on YouTube will be sent to all the participants of the Summer School.

Wednesday  - Fibroblasts 
Local time Bergen,
Norway (CEST*, UTC+2)
 8.30-9.15Donald Gullberg, University of Bergen
Fibroblasts in fibrosis research
Ritva Heljasvaara
Collagens and cell-collagen interactions
12.15-13.00Sergey Plotnikov, UoT, Canada
Fibroblast cell migration
13.15-14.00Sergey Plotnikov, UoT, Canada
Traction Force microscopy
14.15-15.00Ronen Schuster, UoT, Canada
15.00-17.00Demonstration lab work
Student group work


 - Tissue fibrosis
9.15- 10.00Madeleine Durbeej-Hjalt, Lund Univ., Sweden
Laminin-muscular dystrophy     
10.15-11.00Andreas Romaine, UiO, Norway
Heart Fibrosis  1
12.00-13.00Chris McCulloch, UoT, Canada
Methods for discovery of new proteins that mediate remodeling of the extracellular matrix 
13.15-14.00Wayne Carver, USC, USA
Heart Fibrosis  2
14.30-15.15Andrew Leask, USask, Canada
The multifaceted role of CCN proteins in fibrotic stroma
15.15-17.00Demonstrations/Lab work
Student group work   


 - Tumor fibrosis
9.15-10.00Daniela E. Costea, UiB
CAF heterogeneity 1
10.15-12.00Presentation of group work    
13.15-14.00Roya Navab, UoT, Canada
CAF heterogeneity 2
14.15-15.00Roger Oria-Fernandez, UCSF, USA
Mechanostransduction in cancer
15.00-16.00Martin Decaris, Pliant Therapeutics, USA
Integrins in fibrosis  

*) CEST = Central European Summer Time