ARK survey

Pleased with the ARK survey

The management at the University of Bergen is pleased with the results of this year’s ARK survey, but also sees areas that need to be improved.

Rektor Margareth Hagen og universitetsdirektør Robert Rastad
Rector at UiB Margareth Hagen and University Director Robert Rastad are pleased with the results from the ARK survey.
Frøy Kathrine Myrhol, UiB

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The ARK survey (Working Environment and Climate Survey) was conducted at the University of Bergen in the weeks running up to Easter, and the results became available on Monday 19 April.

“I am very pleased that we have received such good results, and that we see a positive development over time. Overall, for the University’s part, we can see that UiB’s working environment is good, and that active work is taking place regarding the working environment”, says UiB’s Rector Margareth Hagen.

Here is the full UiB-level report

She is supported by University Director Robert Rastad, who is surprised that the results are so good despite the coronavirus pandemic.

“I am very impressed that both managers and colleagues have managed to take care of each other and the working environment during the demanding months we have been through. I am really happy that UiB’s overall score is such a high one, and better than in previous surveys”, says Rastad.

A broad survey

The topics that have been mapped in the ARK survey at UiB are:

  • Individuals and their work
  • Interaction between managers and coworkers
  • Communication and participation
  • Collaboration and community
  • The management of unfortunate incidents
  • Support, interaction and culture
  • Job uncertainty
  • Restructuring

Despite the fact that the University of Bergen consistently scores high in the survey, there are also some challenges regarding the working environment at certain units.

“We know that there are challenges at certain places, which data from the survey also shows. There are many complex reasons why the results vary between the units, but the reviews of the ARK survey provide a good opportunity to address the challenges that have been identified”, says Margareth Hagen.

Performance assessment interviews

Another thing the rector has noticed is that too many employees have not taken part in a performance assessment interview during the past year.

“Everyone should be offered the opportunity to take part in a performance assessment interview during the course of a year and receive an invitation for this from their manager. Unfortunately, however, we see that fewer than six out of every ten employees have taken part in such an interview during the past year. This is something that we must continue to work on throughout the entire organisation”, she says.

In the coming days and weeks, all units at the University of Bergen will be presented with the results for their unit. Eventually, all employees will be involved in finding measures that can safeguard or improve the working environment.

“The great thing about the ARK survey is that it provides us with quality data on how the situation is perceived at the various units. However, using this data in constructive conversations about the working environment will be even more important. It is now important that divisions, departments and faculties not only disseminate the results, but spend plenty of time reviewing them and further developing the working environment”, says Robert Rastad.

A total of 2172 employees at the University of Bergen answered the survey. This is a response rate of 50.4 percent. This is somewhat below the higher education sector average of 67 percent.

“We would like to have seen a higher response rate because it gives an even better overview, however, a lot of people did answer the survey, and we are really happy about that”, says Rastad.