Semester start

Corona measures at the start of the semester

Bergen City Council on August 5th decided to introduce a temporary local infection control regulation. This is what it means for the start of the semester at the University of Bergen.

Fadderuke 2020
Illustrasjon: Semester start 2020.
Siri H. Halvorsen, UiB

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Based on the recent high infection rates in Bergen the Bergen City Council on August 5th decided to introduce a temporary local infection control regulation, which will apply from today, August 6th, to August 22th. The regulations do not have any specific measures aimed at our institution, but it is recommended to use a face mask in all situations where it is not possible to keep a distance of 1 meter. This will also apply on campus.

The City Council emphasizes that new measures may be implemented at short notice.

At the start of the semester, the following applies at the University of Bergen (UiB):

Opening ceremony

UiB is planning a combination of physical and digital opening ceremony on August 16th at Muséplassen.

Fadderuken/Buddy Week

Bergen City Council has communicated that, despite the increased spread of infection, they want the institutions to carry out “Fadderuken” because it ensures proper infection control better than unorganized student activities. The university management is in dialogue with student organizations to organize “Fadderuken” in accordance with the measures and recommendations that apply in Bergen now. UiB is also in dialogue with the City Council about the implementation of “Fadderuken”.


At the start of the semester, UiB follows a plan for teaching as it is laid out for the autumn semester with a large degree of teaching on campus and utilization of every other seat in the auditoriums, in combination with digital teaching.


Local health authorities inform that those who are fully vaccinated (one week after the second dose) are well protected against being infected with the Delta Variant of the virus. In the coming weeks all adults will have been offered a second dose of the vaccine. UiB encourages all employees to follow the authorities' advice on vaccination.


Events are defined as seminars, conferences, courses, member meetings and other professional gatherings, including dining without serving alcohol. This does not include meetings or gatherings as part of ordinary work or teaching.

The following guidelines apply:

  • At public indoor events, the number of people who can be present without the use of fixed, allocated seats is 400 people (200 x 2 cohorts). This also applies to teaching
  • Maximum 1000 people at indoor events where everyone in the audience sits on fixed, assigned seats
  • Maximum 2000 people at outdoor events

Professional / social events in connection with seminars, conferences, courses, “Fadderuken” and other professional gatherings where alcohol is served, are considered in the same way as private gatherings outside one's own home and have a limit of 100 people.

The following people should not be included in the total number of people who may be present at the event:

a. employees and contractors responsible for the implementation of events.

b. performing artists carrying out cultural activities under direction of a professional.

c. journalists, photographers and other media representatives needed to secure media coverage of the event.

At all events, it is expected that the necessary infection control measures have been taken care of and that the responsible organizer has an overview of participants with a view to trace possible infection. BHT can provide further guidance to units that have questions regarding which events are possible to carry out under the current measures.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UD) advice against all international travel that is not strictly necessary. This global travel advice does not apply to countries within the EEA / Schengen, the United Kingdom and countries on the EU list of third countries (purple countries) that are considered safe by the NIPH (the Norwegian Institute of Public Health). Tre travel advice is valid until September 1st 2021. Keep in mind that the infection situation and the advice for infection control may change rapidly. Read more about the global travel advice here

Protected persons

See Advice and rules after you have been vaccinated or have had COVID-19.

The university management will provide supplementary information about the handling of Covid -19 in various meetings with deans, directors, union representatives, chief health and safety Officer and the Student Parliament prior to the start of the semester.

UiB continuously updates information on  https://www.uib.no/en/corona