War in Ukraine

- Let us show wisdom and care

On Thursday 24. February came the news that Russia is invading neighboring Ukraine. UiB rector Margareth Hagen is concerned about the consequences that the Russian invasion will have on Ukrainian society.

Bilde av  Ukraina
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Hagen is worried about the consequences that the Russian invasion of Ukraine will have on students, university colleagues and the entire society in the country.

- Security and the absence of acts of war is a prerequisite for research, teaching and university life. The news of the acts of war in Europe is painful, and our thoughts go to Ukrainian students and colleagues who do not know when they will get their everyday lives back, Hagen says.

The University of Bergen wholeheartedly supports the government's condemnation of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The entire university community feels strongly with our Ukrainian students and staff.

Meets UiB employees and students with connections to the region

In a statement, she emphasizes the importance of universities in difficult times must stand up for democratic values ​​and for the freedom of research.

- Our condemnation is directed at Putin and his regime. We have many Russian employees, friends and students who are now in a difficult situation. Let us also show wisdom and care in meeting them.

UiB has no registered exchange students or employees in Ukraine. UiB's students and employees from Ukraine are especially followed up and taken care of. The Rectorate also meets UiB employees from Russia and Belarus.

Are you a student and need someone to talk to?

Are you an employee and need someone to talk to? 

Advice from the authorities

The Ministry of Education's special envoy at the embassy in Moscow follows up all Norwegian students in Russia that the embassy knows of, in line with the system for consular assistance. Any students or staff currently in Russia should not hesitate to contact the embassy if they need advice and guidance.