UiB returns for second UN Ocean Conference

The University of Bergen is ready for the second UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon, June 2022. A number of voluntary commitments are planned as well as the university co-sponsoring a number of side events.

Photo from Sept 24, 2021: women work to cultivate fronds of seaweed on a bamboo raft in the waters off the coast of Rameswaram in India's Tamil Nadu state. Scientists are looking into how seaweed farming could reduce impact of greenhouse gas emissions.

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The University of Bergen (UiB) will send a delegation of six to the second United Nations Ocean Conference (UNOC2022), taking place in Lisbon 27 June-1 July. UNOC2022 is co-hosted by Portugal and Kenya and brings together policy makers, diplomats, industry, civil society, academia, and other stakeholders to discuss progress on the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. There will be discussions on Sustainable Development Goal 14 (SDG14), Life below water, at the conference with a special focus on progress towards its targets and subgoals.

UiB had a strong presence at the inaugural UNOC in New York, June 2017, and aims to follow up on the two voluntary commitments made then with a planned four new commitments with global partners at UNOC2022. These will include science diplomacy efforts to shape public policy to strengthen ocean literacy globally with partners such as the University of the South Pacific and the University of the West Indies.

The university will also co-sponsor several side events at the conference and partake in activities organised by Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the Research Council of Norway. UiB has co-sponsored events with MFA before, including at the 2019 UN High-level Political Forum.

There will also be a presence as part of a special Ocean Decade event, including a presentation of UiB’s official Ocean Decade Action – the interdisciplinary Norway-Pacific Ocean Climate Scholarship Programme (N-POC).