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Methodologies for Digital Life - Focus on Metabolic Systems

Transdisciplinarity is an underlying approach of the Centre for Digital Life Norway and the meeting is intended for researchers from different disciplines to meet and discuss novel methodological approaches in the field of digital biotechnology. The meeting is free to attend and open for all interested participants.


illustrasjonsbilde av metabolisme og enzymer

The focus of this meeting is on metabolic systems – from single enzymes to global scale metabolism. How can approaches and concepts from mathematics, physics, computer science or engineering be utilized to assess or alter the activity and regulation of complex enzymes and enzyme systems? This approach aims to reveal new possibilities to understand and utilize biological systems, such as, for understanding human health, for utilizing organisms for production of biomaterials and for understanding ecosystems important for our existence.

If you are interested in metabolism or enzymatic systems from a multi-disciplinary perspective, this is a great opportunity to meet up with fellow scientists.

The program will include oral presentations of selected abstracts and it will be possible to present posters. The meeting will start 9:30 and end by 4 pm.

Follow the links for registration and abstract submission.

For updates see: https://digitallifenorway.org/arrangementer/methodologies-for-digital-li...

Volterra lecture by Bernhard Palsson

Palsson is professor of bioengineering and pediatrics and PI of the Systems Biology Group at UCSD. He is also CEO at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability at DTU (Technical University of Denmark). Palsson’s group has been leading the development of full-scale models of metabolism and methodologies for integrating global scale or high throughput data with such models.

Peter Ruoff, Centre for Organelle Research, UiS

The Kinetics of Biological Control

Ruoff´s research group focuses on understanding the dynamics of biological systems - in particular the underlying mechanisms of homeostasis, adaptation and decision in metabolic pathways/reaction networks and circadian clocks.

Digital Life project session

Eivind Almaas, NTNU

RAMP – a method for handling uncertain data in genome-scale modeling

Jon Olav Vik, NMBU

Foundations of the Digital Salmon: constraint-based reconstruction and analysis

Nello Blaser, UiB

Model reduction under parameter uncertainty