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UBAS 9 (2017)

Soapstone in the North. Quarries, Products and People 7000 BC - AD 1700


Main content

Gitte Hansen and Per Storemyr (eds)


Gitte Hansen and Per Storemyr: A Versatile Resource - The Procurement and Use of Soapstone in Norway and The North Atlantic Region

Eva Stavsøien: Soapstone Quarrying, a Stoneworker's Approach

Stephen Wickler, Ingvar Lindahl and Lars Petter Nilsson: Soapstone in Northern Norway: Archaeological and Geological Evidence, Quarry and Artifact Survey Results
Laura Bunse: Multi-ethnic Involvement? Production and Use of Soapstone in Northern Norway

Knut Andreas Bergsvik: Mesolithic Soapstone Line-sinkers in Western Norway: Chronology, Acquisition, Distribution, Function and Decoration

Tor Grenne, Bodil Østerås and Lars F. Stenvik: The Sandbekkdalen Quarry, Kvikne: A Window into Early Iron Age Soapstone Exploitation in Norway
Per Storemyr and Tom Heldal: Reconstructing a Medieval Underground Soapstone Quarry: Bakkaunet in Trondheim in an International Perspective
Torbjørn Preus Schou: Trade and Hierarchy: The Viking Age Soapstone Vessel Production and Trade of Agder, Norway

Bodil Østerås: Slipsteinberget Soapstone Vessel Quarry. Home Production or Professional Craft?

Irene Baug: Bakestones – Production and Trade in the Middle Ages

Hilde Vangstad: From Numeric Data to Cultural History - A Typological and Chronological Analysis of Soapstone Vessels from the Medieval Bryggen Wharf in Bergen, Norway

Mogens Skaaning Høegsberg: The Soapstone of Norse Greenland

Amanda Forster and Richard Jones: From Homeland to Home; Using Soapstone to Map Migration and Settlement in the North Atlantic

Gitte Hansen, Øystein J. Jansen and Tom Heldal: Soapstone Vessels from Town and Country in Viking Age and Early Medieval Western Norway. A Study of Provenance

Birgitta Berglund, Tom Heldal and Tor Grenne: From Soapstone Quarries to Churches: Control, Ownership and Transport Along the Helgeland Coast in North Norway

Øystein J. Jansen and Tom Heldal: The Building Stones from the Vanished Medieval Church at Onarheim, Tysnes, Hordaland County in Western Norway: Provenancing Chlorite Schist and Soapstone

Alf Tore Hommedal: Cistercian Soapstone. Production and Delivery of Building Material from Lyse Abbey to Bergen in the 13th century