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Chinese new year

Celebration to welcome New Year of the Mouse

Chinese Spring Festival is the most important traditional celebration for Chinese all over the world. For Chinese learners outside China, it is a good opportunity for them to learn about the target culture of their language study.

students decorating for the chinese new year celebration
UiB/ Privat

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The big challenge faced by the Chinese Program for this year’s celebration was how to make it different from previous ones. Fortunately, with good help from Bergen Confucius Institute, the Year of Mouse was celebrated with lots of activities that all required hands-on participation.

The activities included paper cutting, Chinese weaving, calligraphy, dragon dance, tea ceremony, games, and decorations.

This year also saw the largest involvement so far, totaling 66 students in all. This included 17 students from Amalie Skram VGS.

In Chinese culture, the mouse is seen as a sign of wealth and surplus. According to Chinese horoscope, the mouse is the first sign from the 12 animals cycle, thus 2020 is considered a year of new beginnings and renewals.



Image of dragon dance
UiB/ Privat
Students performing tea ceremony
UiB/ Privat
Students cutting out elaborate designs in paper
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