Poverty Politics Research Group

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Poverty politics people

This page presents people affiliated with the Poverty Politics project

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This is a list of people currently directly affiliated with Poverty Politics research. Follow the link to get to a fuller description of them:

Bedasso, Elias
. PhD student

Bertelsen, Bjørn Enge. Postdoctoral fellow

Bharadwaj, Reshma. PhD student

Broch-Due, Vigdis. Project leader.

Gatisso, Mellesse Madda. PhD student.

Sortland, Thor Erik. PhD student.

Strønen, Iselin Åsedotter. PhD student.

Ystanes, Margit. Postdoctoral fellow.

In addition to this, there a number of MPHIL and MA students currently related to Poverty Politics. Their projects are described here.

Many of the people affiliated with Poverty Politics has come through UiB's programme -- Master of Philosophy in Anthropology of Development.