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Karen Rosnes Gissum defended June 28, 2024 her PhD thesis "Unveiling the Complexities: Patients’ and Healthcare Providers’ Perspectives on Understanding and Managing Ovarian Cancer" at the University of Bergen. This is a unique CCBIO doctorate work focusing on the patient and healthcare worker perspective and not the actual research. Nevertheless, objective measures like biomarkers were seen as... Read more
In a new doctoral work at CCBIO, by Christiane Helgestad Gjerde, the group has established a 3D in vitro model of high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma to assess the efficacy of traditional chemotherapy and novel cell-based immunotherapies. This model makes out a more realistic mini tumor, making it possible to test which therapy that works on this type of cancer. The knowledge provided from this... Read more
European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) has held its annual Gynaecological Cancers Congress this year in Florence, Italy, 20-22nd June, 2024.
The doctoral work of Ole Vidhammer Bjørnstad, which includes three coming scientific papers, has shed light on the occurrence of neural precursor cells in breast cancer, and the interactions between neural precursor cells and breast cancer cells.
Karen Rosnes Gissum June 28, 2024 defends her doctoral work at the University of Bergen with the thesis "Unveiling the Complexities: Patients’ and Healthcare Providers’ Perspectives on Understanding and Managing Ovarian Cancer". The trial lecture is the same day.
The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters June 12th announced the 2024 Kavli Prize Laureates in the fields of astrophysics, nanoscience and neuroscience. Among these are Robert S. Langer (USA), sharing the 2024 Kavli Prize in Nanoscience with Armand Paul Alivisatos (USA) and Chad A. Mirkin (USA).
Although patient involvement in research was not part of the program at the 12th CCBIO Annual Symposium, it is a topic CCBIO will give more attention to. We had a chat with a user representative who participated at the symposium, and who is also contributing in one of our research projects.
The 12th CCBIO Annual Symposium has recently taken place, with a program showcasing current cancer biomarker research. This was the final symposium in CCBIO’s 10-year period funded by the Research Council of Norway as a Centre of Excellence (CoE), however not the last. CCBIO will continue its core activities, maintaining what has become a strong cancer research network.
Although CCBIO this summer completes its 10-year appointment as Center of Excellence by the Research Council of Norway, the center will continue its activities, and so do all the research groups and collaborations that have been established through these years. It has been a privilege for the CCBIO leadership to follow these groups from the very beginning and watch them grow and now continue to... Read more