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BSRS 2016 Paneldebatt

Ethical and practical challenges related to scientific publication

Books flying away

Main content

This panel debate organised by the University Library takes on ethical and practical issues related to research publications.

The following question will be addressed:

- How does quality control in science work?
- How and why avoid plagiarism?
- Why is the retraction rate so high for scientific publications?
- Why open access becomes more and more important?
- How to evaluate the quality of open access journals?
- What is citation impact and why is it so important for researchers?
- Does it reflect the scientific merits of a given paper?
- And what can you do to improve your impact?

After a short introduction into the topics there will be time for question and debate.


Ingrid Cutler
Advisor at the University of Bergen Library

Matthias Kaiser
Head of the Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities, UiB.

Marta Zygmuntowska
Senior Academic Librarian at the University of Bergen Library

This event is open to the public!