One Ocean Expedition

SDG200: Engaging sustainability topic

Nearly 130 participants attended the session about the One Ocean Expedition on Day Zero.

Webinar -skjermbilde
From left: associate professor Katja Enberg, advisor Beate Rensvik and post doc. Camilla Borrevik during the webinar.
Kari Bjørgo Johnsen, UiB

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Day Zero is an informal kick-off for the annual SDG Conference Bergen, where students, scientists, educators, university employees and the general public are invited to a sort of sustainable festival for the senses.

One of the sessions at Day Zero was UiB's participation in the circumnavigation One Ocean Expedition, and the sustainability topic SDG200 which will be held on board the sailing ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl while the ship sails across the Pacific Ocean.

“It was great fun that so many people attended our session. It shows that there are many interested in the subject, and not least to be able to join the adventure during the summer of 2022”, associate professor at UiB, Katja Enberg sasys.

During the session, several questions came from the participants, about everything from initiating romantic relationships on board and life on the boat to which students that can join the course.

“We want the most diverse group of students possible, both in terms of subject background, but also nationality. The students we are to bring must be affiliated with the University of Bergen, or one of the institutions we enter a partnership within connection with the voyage. We will update these websites with information about which institutions”, Enberg says.

Here you find the presentation from Day Zero