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Norway Nepal Global Health Conference 2023

The Pandemic Centre, Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel Hospital, WHO and the University of Oslo join forces for this Global Health Conference in Dhilkhel, Nepal on the 29th of March.

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As countries across the globe grappled with the COVID19 crisis, there was no doubt that  joining forces across borders was the only option, as we are only as strong as our weakest link. The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us that health challenges cannot be resolved without addressing the bigger picture; education, work, socio-economic aspects, environment to name a few.

The pandemic has exposed the fragility of health and education systems particularly in countries like Nepal. The pandemic has seen huge influx of jobless migrant workers with bleak futures unable to fend for themselves and their families. Nepal’s key critical gaps in public health education; poor quality of higher education, limitation of public health education due to few qualified faculty, lack of research exposure and training and lack of collaboration both within country and across countries, has been exacerbated during the pandemic.

There is a need to build and strengthen capacity in higher education in order to improve the response to key global challenges through innovative interdisciplinary approaches, digital transformation and social cohesion in Nepal and Norway.

The academic cooperation between the University of Oslo (COMENTH) in Norway and IOM (Tribhuvan University in Nepal) focuses on building core competencies for staff and students in particular in mental health. To further this model of engagement with key stakeholders and our new cadres of professionals/ researchers will entail building on the success so far and bringing together Norwegian (UiO, University of Bergen, NTNU) and Nepali (TU, KU, WHO) partners in attaining excellence in Global Health Research and Higher Education.

The Conference "Norway Nepal Global Health Conference", taking place at Dhulikhel Hospital on the 29th of March, will see experts and academics from both Norway and Nepal exploring how our two countries can partner together in addressing the challenges posed by this and future pandemics. 



Session 1:  State of the art global health challenges

10.30 am to 12.30 am

This session will address overarching issues

Keynote 1: Research and Higher Education as corner stones to achieve the SDGs


Prof Dr. Hanne Hanne-Cathrin Flinstad Harbo

Keynote 2:  Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Nepal

Ministry of Health, Nepal (Tbc)

Keynote 3: Addressing Global Health Challenges Leadership and Governance

Director, Centre for Global Health, University of Oslo (UiO)

Dr Jeanette H Magnus

Keynote 4: Global Health Challenges1: -Lessons Learned from the COVID 19 pandemic

Director Pandemic Center, University of Bergen, Norway


Prof. Esperanza Diaz

Keynote 4:  Global Health Challenges 2: Climate Change and Health – Implications for Nepal

ICIMOD/ Embassy of Norway (Tbc)

Keynote 5:  Global Health Challenges 3: Conflict Crisis and Migration

Prof. Bernadette N Kumar NIPH, UiB, KU

Discussion Roundtable with Speaker

Moderators Prof Bernadette N Kumar and Dr Biraj Karmacharya

Lunch Break 12.30 to 13.30

Session 2:  Global Health Challenges: Opportunities and Partnerships 

 This session will cover NCDs and Mental Health

13.30 to 15:15

Keynote 6: WHO NCD Strategy – Why there is no health without Mental Health

WHO Representative Nepal

Dr Rajesh Sambhajirao Pandav

Keynote 7: Taking the NCD Agenda Forward in Nepal – Needs and Priorities

Ministry of Health Nepal

Keynote 8: Why global mental health cannot be ignored any longer? Lessons Learned from COMENTH

Suraj Thapa /Saroj Ohja

Keynote 9: From Knowledge to Action Addressing NCDs in Nepal Research Collaboration and Higher Education 

 Biraj Karmacharya (KU/

Keynote 10: From Knowledge to Action Addressing NCDs in Nepal at the Community Level

Local Government/ NGOs

 Moderators: Prof Saroj Ohja and Prof. Jeanette Magnus

15.15 – 15.30 Tea Break

Session 3: Succession: The Future of Global Health

Research in Global Health Norway-Nepal Phd forum


Phd Student Presentations

15:30 – 17:15


Moderator: Dr Suraj Thapa UiO & Prof Esperanza Diaz, UiB

17:15 – 17: 30 Summary of the Day

18:00 Reception


Program Flyer