Perceived Risk and Precautions during a Pandemic Outbreak


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  • Presenting the PANDRISK project for the Norwegian Citizen Panel, 03.04.2020. 

  • Presentation at the first corona research seminar, Norwegian Research Council, 17.12.20. 

  • Lab meeting presentation at Department of Psychosocial Science, 22.10.20. 

  • Norwegian Social Psychology Colloquium, 11.02.2021. 

  • Presentation and discussion at «Pandemi-frokost #1» at UiB Pandemic centre, 17.09.21. 

  • Presentation at «DIGSSCORE»-webinar: The role of perceived risk for compliance during a pandemic outbreak, 28.09.21. 

  • Student conference at the UiB Pandemic centre, 27.10.21. 

  • Internal presentation at the Department of Psychosocial Science, Faculty of Psychology, 27.01.22. 

  • Presentation at Bergen Odd Fellows lodge: «Når følger vi, og når følger vi ikke smittevernrådene?», 27.01.22. 

  • Presentation at FHIs sixth knowledge gathering meeting: «Hva har påvirket etterlevelse av smitteverntiltakene?», 17.02.22. 

  • End-of-project seminar for PANDRISK project members and stakeholders 22.04.22. 

  • Presentation at FHI for the Informed Health Choices network, 28.11.23.